12 of ’21: UBC Babies

A few years ago I offered to help during the worship hour with UBC kids. Aside from being on the “Clean Team,” it was the first volunteer role I served in with my beloved church community many years ago. But my offer this time around had conditions: I don’t want to have to prepare or teach anything. I just want to hold babies, hold toddler’s hands as they go down the 1 and a half foot slide, and read books that tiny hands want to turn the pages of way too fast.

Here’s the thing about UBC: In the “church world”, we used to be famous. Like, really famous. We are no longer that kind of famous, and less people are sitting in our sanctuary on Sunday mornings than ever have before. But as far as the thoughtfulness, quality, heart and soul that is going into the worship hour on Sunday mornings, I think we are in a golden age. People don’t know what they are missing out on.

Even so, my time with the babies has made missing that time from time to time just fine.

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