13 of ’21: Supermercado Poco Loco

I love HEB, but when a regional Mexi-centric grocery store chain announced in 2018 that they would move into the vacant building a block from my house, I knew my loyalties would be tested.

Over the years, my hope began to fade like the “Coming Soon” sign on the building, but early this year I began to see signs of work being done. The Grand Opening was a much needed Christmas present. There’s a meat market, Mexican pastries, and a taqueria with the best looking Chicken Mole I’ve ever seen. (Twice I’ve waited in line for it, only for it to sell out before I made it to the front of the line.

Best of all: Yesterday I had friends over for lunch, and realized I was out of a few things I needed. I turned the stove off, put the dog in her crate, and made a Poco Loco run. By the time I returned to my kitchen with the necessary items, a grand total of 5 minutes had passed.

Now I just need to work on my self-control, knowing that only five minutes separates me from the caramel turn-over in the bakery.

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