The Asbury Revival

There’s a revival that has broken out on the campus of Asbury University in Kentucky. And as a Christian with a social media presence, I am required to have an opinion on it. After reading a bit and thinking about it, here is my opinion:

There’s a quote from Rich Mullins I love that travels well across numerous conversations and subjects. It’s about how Catholics hold the Virgin Mary in such high regard: “I’ve often thought, you know, people worry with the Catholic thing of revering Mary, and I’ve often thought, well, maybe it’s not that they revere Mary too much. Maybe it’s that all of us revere each other too little.”

Perhaps this isn’t an opportunity for me to judge what is or isn’t happening at Asbury, but rather an opportunity for me to see the work of God in my world here where I am. Maybe it’s not about whether people are placing too high a premium on Asbury, but whether we are placing too low a premium on the place of God in the cup of coffee we are holding in our hands, or the friend across the table (or world) from us, or the nap we got to take last Saturday.

Most revivals (real and alleged) that have occurred in my lifetime have included aggressive and insistive attempts to “spread the revival” elsewhere, and to push it on anyone and everyone. (And often, have also included the spread of a certain narrow version of Christianity.) As far as I can tell, this isn’t occurring (yet) with Asbury. Until that happens, blessings on whatever is happening there.

And blessings on what is happening here.

4 thoughts on “The Asbury Revival

    1. Oh, certainly in Waco. I think I may have had some of the seeds of a leftward shift planted at ETBU, but it was at least a decade after being in Waco before I could have been considered a “progressive” by any stretch of the word.


      1. Gotcha. I didn’t see much left at ETBU, but LOTS of it here, and those who have gone from there to here have become left. It’s Truett!


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