6 of ’21: Manhattan, Kansas

My friend Jason and I have been talking about attending a Baylor football game somewhere in the northern borders of the Big 12 ever since he moved to the Kansas City area quite a few years ago. This was the year it happened, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve always admired the K-State football ethos and university, and have heard it is one of the greatest game-day atmospheres around. It didn’t disappoint.

Also enjoyable was the Little Apple itself. Before the game we ate and drank at Bourbon and Baker, which should go in some Big 12 Eats book that some sports writer should write some day. The game was just before the holidays, so the quaint little city was getting spruced up with Christmas decorations, and there was a chill in the air.

Baylor came away with the victory, on our way to the Big 12 Championship. But I’m at the age where that, though exciting, was one of the least memorable moments of the weekend. I’ll remember the time with friends, the cool air, and unhurried pace of a day.

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