21 of ’21: Sweep

It’s time for my annual “Best Of”, where I reflect on the things that gave me joy and meaning. A few things about this years installment: First, I began doing this a few years ago when I was spending the days after Christmas in Estonia. My travel plans were thwarted by a couple of things beyond my control, so I am writing them from my little place in the world on Ethel Avenue. Second, those “couple of things beyond my control” have also been taking up all my time here in the liminal space between 2021 and 2022, so most of these installments will be “quick hits.” Third, I try as best as I can not to repeat something from previous years. Consider previous additions to still be things (for the most part) that have brought me joy in 2021.

Anyone who has ever lived with me knows that I am not a cleaner. Left to my own devices, I would end up on Hoarders. But I’ve tried to discipline myself over the years to be better in this area, and I think I’m doing ok. At the tender young age of 47, I’ve learned to fold my clothes and place them in their correct places. I wipe down my kitchen counters within 24 hours of cooking, which is an improvement from the “within never” strategy that I once employed. I even vacuum my retro carpet from time to time.

All this responsibility in 2021 led me to the conclusion that I need professional help. I haven’t reached the financial status where I can have weekly, or even monthly, housekeeping services. But I can swing a few times a year. So after some searching, I discovered Sweep, a local house cleaning business that has received rave reviews from friends and acquaintances. It was a game changer. After assuring me (somewhat convincingly) that they have seen worse, they went to work at the beast of my house that hasn’t received a deep cleaning in, well, let’s just not talk about that.

A plus: Sweep is a black-owned business, and Amber and her team are personable, funny, and a joy to be around.

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