20 of ‘20: #17. My Camo Lawn Chair

This is my second annual “Best Of” series of year-end posts. Some, I assume, will be brief. Some longer. All, varying degrees of serious. I’ll try my best not to use the words or phrases “unprecedented,” “new normal,” or “unpresidented”, but I can’t make any promises.


There is no lesson, reflection, or metaphor to be had in my #17 favorite thing about 2020. It’s just a chair that I purchased that I really like a lot.

When the pandemic began, commerce became chaotic and nonsensical. Weird things sold out and became black market items (toilet paper, blow up swimming pools). Other things, strangely, went on sale at Academy for very cheap. This chair was one of those.


Notice the shocks and the mesh back that allows for ventilation. And the beer can holder. It’s like I’m living in Back to the Future 2.

I sit on the chair on my front porch and watch the neighborhood go by. I then bring it to my back yard and sit on it and drink beer by my fire pit. And somewhere along the way I realized it was much more desirable than my office chair.

Not everything about 2020 was a disaster.

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