Things that are White Supremacy

Of course two white men murdering a black man jogging in their neighborhood for doing nothing more than jogging in their neighborhood is White Supremacy.

But that’s not the only White Supremacy going on here in this week of our lives.

White Supremacy is the 74 days that have passed since this incident occurred until today without any arrests.

White Supremacy is me having to look up the incident to count the amount of days since it occurred, and being shocked that it has been 74 days and not just a few days. Because in my white bubble of comfort I assumed that this has only happened recently because I’ve only heard about it recently.

White Supremacy is reading this story, watching the video, listening to the 911 call and reading the police dispatch and still thinking, “There must be more to this story.”

White Supremacy is calling for a Grand Jury to investigate before any arrests are made in a murder that was caught on tape, when men who look like Ahmaud Arbery are handcuffed every. goddamned. day. for the mere suspicion of having an ounce of weed somewhere.

White Supremacy is a week in which the same people who for years maligned the name of a black man for peacefully kneeling in protest over police brutality, (and who kneeled at the request and out of respect for a white military veteran), screaming “If they just follow the rules they won’t be shot”, praised armed white men storming past cops to occupy a state capitol, and spend their days watching a network without a single story (as of this morning) about Ahmaud Arbery.

White Supremacy is seeking out the voices of the few black people in our country who don’t believe White Supremacy is a problem in our country, because that is what our country has honored since 1619– black people who aren’t difficult on our White Supremacy.

White Supremacy is my hesitance of writing down these words and sharing them the with the world because I just don’t want to deal with the trouble they will bring. It’s me waiting to take cues from black brothers and sisters who are so fucking tired of bearing this burden almost all by themselves.

White Supremacy is so much more than two white guys murdering a black guy for jogging in their neighborhood.

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