9 of ’19: UBC Music Volume 2

I likely would have returned to UBC after a year away even if Jameson McGregor wasn’t making music for the church to sing. But his doing so made it so much easier.

I don’t know his process for writing the songs we sing in worship, but I’m certain he does it with great care and reverence. The questions most worship leaders ask themselves– Is this song singable? Does it say something true about God and God’s people? Is it theologically solid? Is it durable?– all likely play a part in how he creates for us. But the images he crafts makes me suspect there is a greater question at the forefront of his process: Is this a song that resides deep down in all our bones, whether we know it or not? Almost every time he introduces a new song for us to sing, I find myself faintly gasping, wondering how he knew to say the things I always wanted to say, but couldn’t find the words.

Every song on this, the second collection under the title of “UBC Music”, is worth playing on repeat, but the cover of Andrew Peterson’s In The Night, which we sing in pieces throughout Lent, reaching crescendo on Easter, is both kerygma and catechesis, a statement of our faith that places us firmly within the story of God, and compels us to reside within its wide boundaries.

Edit: I forgot to add, you can download the album at all the places– Itunes, Spotify, Napster if that is still around, etc.

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