14 of ’19: A Million Little Things

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for tv dramas that walk the line, often crossing over it, of melodrama. I still watch Grey’s Anatomy mostly because it is there more than because it is good. It goes in and out of being good, but it is always there. What draws me into a story are characters and their relationships, more than plot and setting. The former can create the latter, but rarely the opposite.

I started watching A Million Little Things during the first season and knew two things: 1. It had so much promise and needed to get better in order to survive, and 2. I would keep watching it until the end, regardless of whether it got better or not.

Thankfully in the second season this year, it got better.

The story centers around a suicide and the people left in its wake. But I mostly love it because it is about families that we create, people we choose to tether ourselves to in ways that are lasting and as durable as blood. On top of that, I think Katherine, played by Grace Park, is the most complex and compelling character on network television.

Also, a scene in the show’s winter finale had me on the edge of my seat, complete with a beautifully used cover of Phil Collin’s Against All Odds, and sent me down a rabbit hole of old Phil Collins songs, helping me realize he was better than I always thought.

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