18 of ’19: Shazam!

This is the second of a 19 part list of my favorite things about 2019. There are books and movies and artists and albums and places and experiences. Making the list has been a helpful way of looking back and taking stock of my year. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some important items. No doubt in 20 years I’ll look back at several things on the list and ask, “Huh?” But this is an attempt at this moment in time to remember…

I’m not a huge Superhero or sci-fi movie fan. I don’t hate them, I just feel like I can never keep up. I have a hard enough time understanding the details of my own world, much less those of a fantasy one.

I do, however, enjoy parodies of Superhero and sci-fi movies. I also enjoy buddy movies and Kid to Adult Switcheroo stories. Shazam! succeeded in being both parody, buddy film, BIG like switcheroo, AND an actual superhero story. It also included misfits, nontraditional families, and an innocence that we all really needed here in 2019.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was my favorite Superhero movie since Christopher Reeves’ Superman trilogy.

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